Arabic Tutorial – Beginning

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.

We thank Allah for given us the opportunity to start this tutorial and we pray to make us end it well and make it beneficial to all mankind bi idnihi – Ta ‘alaa.

Tutorial Overview

This tutorial will teaches you all what you need to understand principles of Nahwu and Sarfu from Beginners to Advanced.

You will learn all everything concerning Nahwu and Sorfu right from scratch and you will be able to speak Arabic language and interpret Arabic texts and sentences with ease.

Note: This tutorial is based on Classical Arabic (Quranic Arabic) which makes it possible for anybody that takes this tutorials course to be able to construct any Arabic sentence from scratch, know the deep root of any Arabic word and interpret Quran and Hadith in their basic meaning.

Tutorial Prerequisite

It is recommended to have known Tajweed rule before taking this tutorial but it is not compulsory as this Arobbiyyah tutorial is meant for beginners who are just starting out to speak Arabic language.

As you know its good to know how to pronounce, read and write Arabic letters so that it will be easy to understand this course quickly.

The followings are basic things you should have know before taking this tutorial:

  1. You should be able to identify Arabic letters.
  2. You should be able to know how to read and pronounce Arabic letter correctly .
  3. Recommended to know how to read Al-Quran with or without tajweed.
  4. Ready to spend your time learning and practising.

Note: We have combined both Nahwu and Sorfu into a course call Arobiyyah which is this tutorial your are about to start. Both Nahwu and Sorfu are related to each other and there is no need to split them.

If you are able to finish this tutorial, that means you have learnt both Nahwu and Sorfu.

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