Key Points on Zakātul Fitr

Key Points on Zakātul Fitr.

✓ Is Zakātul Fitr compulsory?

Majority of the Scholars opine that it is compulsory.

✓ Upon whom is Zakātul Fitr compulsory?

It is compulsory upon a matured male or female Muslim.

✓ Who are those whom Zakātul Fitr should be paid on?

Freed/Manumitted Slave, Male and Female Muslim, Young and Old.

✓ Can I borrow money to pay Zakātul Fitr?

Don’t do so except if you have the assured means to pay back.

It is best to pay Zakātul Fitr when you are financially capable to do so.

Some of the Scholars have stipulated financial capability from the conditions that qualifies a person to pay Zakātul Fitr.

✓ What’s the measure for Zakātul Fitr?

Four (4) Mudd – One person.

A man with his wife will be 8 Mudd.

A man with his two wives and 10kids will be 52 Mudd.


12 tin of milk for One person.

24 tin of milk for Two persons.

And so on.

✓ Whom should the Zakātul Fitr be given to?

It should be given to the poor and needy.

✓ Can I share my Zakātul Fitr amongst two, three or more needy

Yes, you can do so after you must have collated all the Zakātul Fitr together.

✓ Is it compulsory that I take the Zakātul Fitr to the Masjid?

It is not compulsory except you don’t know of any needy or poor Muslim to give the food to.

✓ Can I give Zakātul Fitr to a Non-Muslim?

It’s best to give preference to needy Muslims. However, a needy and poor Non-Muslim who may perhaps become a Muslim as a result of the Zakātul Fitr may be given to show the individual the beauty of Islām.

✓ Can I add to the measure of the Zakātul Fitr after observing the legislated measurement?

Yes you can.

In fact, you can add cooking items and flavours like pepper, salt, curry, thyme etc. These additions are not compulsory. They will however be rewarded based on showing goodness.

You may add money too as a form of extending goodness to the needy or poor one.

✓ Can a person pay Zakātul Fitr on his Non-Muslim wife or Parents?

No, Zakātul Fitr should only be paid on Muslims.

✓ When should I start paying Zakātul Fitr as a child having parents who are alive?

If you have the means to do so, you should start paying on behalf of yourself. Like when you have started working and you have the financial capability to pay Zakātul Fitr, then you should do so.

✓ If my parents are under me, will I pay Zakātul Fitr on them?

If your parents are aged and now under your feeding, then you would be the one to pay their Zakātul Fitr.

✓ If my parents insist on paying their Zakātul Fitr themselves, do I still have to pay on their behalf?

No, only one Zakātul Fitr is compulsory upon an individual at a time.

✓ Can I give my Zakātul Fitr to my mum, father or wife or any of my kids?

No, you can’t give Zakātul Fitr to those whom the sharee’a has obliged upon you to feed and clothe; and these individuals are your wives, kids and parents. Other relatives are secondary. So, you can give Zakātul Fitr to your poor/needy younger, elder brother, uncle etc since you are not obliged to shoulder their responsibilities.

✓ When should Zakātul Fitr be given to the poor and needy ones?

Some of Scholars said:

Zakātul Fitr should be given out before we proceed to Observe solātul Eid.

Some of the Scholars have opined that it can be two days to Eid, a day to Eid or the morning of the day of Eid before the Eid prayer.

✓ Will my Zakātul Fitr be acceptable if I paid it after I return from Eid?

Majority of the Scholars have opined that it would still be acceptable but as charity and not Zakātul Fitr.

✓ What are the types of food one should use to pay for Zakātul Fitr?

Grains should be used. Like rice, beans, Garri, yam, flour etc.

✓ If I desire to give different varieties of food to a needy/poor one, can I combine different foods?

Yes you can combine different foods, just ensure that you are paying the Zakātul Fitr in the right legislated measure as explained earlier.

✓ Can I pay Zakātul Fitr with money?

Paying Zakātul Fitr with money without any necessity is an act contrary to the sharee’a. It has two anomalies:

1) The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) specifically mentioned food. Replacing food with money is therefore clearly against the ruling of Zakātul Fitr.

2) Replacing the payment of Zakātul Fitr with money instead of food is vividly against the wisdom behind the payment of Zakātul Fitr. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: Zakātul Fitr is purification for the fasting one (from filthy and forbidden acts committed while fasting) and food for the needy/poor Muslims.

✓ What if a needy/poor one says he or she doesn’t want food?

Then, the food should be given to another poor/needy Muslim. The rejection shows the individual is not poor/needy. A true needy/poor individual won’t reject food.

✓ What could be the necessity that would make a person pay Zakātul Fitr with money?

If the individual lives in a residence where there is no one to give the Zakātul Fitr; then the person should calculate monetary worth of 4mudd for a single person and multiply it round his family.

Thereafter, the individual should send the amount to a trustworthy sodaqo (charity) foundation who then in turns buy foods and distribute them to the needy Muslims.

✓ Can I pay Zakātul Fitr on my husband?

No, you can’t pay on him because he is responsible to feed you. He should be the one t pay Zakātul Fitr on you.

You may buy the foods and gift it to your husband if he is not financially capable to pay it. He can then pay Zakātul Fitr on his family from the food you gifted to him.

He can however leave paying Zakātul Fitr till he has the means to do so.

Meanwhile, you should pay on behalf of yourself alone since you have the means to do so.

Your husband will pay on himself and the kids whenever he has the means to do so.

✓ Can one pay Zakātul Fitr on a baby in the womb?

The Scholars have differed on this.

Paying it is however best.

And Allaah knows best.

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