A King had a male servant

So sad 😰A King had a male servant who in all circumstances always told him; My King, do not be discouraged because God never makes mistakes. One day they went hunting and a wild animal attacked the king, the servant managed to kill the animal but couldn’t save his majesty from losing a finger. Furious […]

Key Points on Zakātul Fitr

Key Points on Zakātul Fitr. ✓ Is Zakātul Fitr compulsory? Majority of the Scholars opine that it is compulsory. ✓ Upon whom is Zakātul Fitr compulsory? It is compulsory upon a matured male or female Muslim. ✓ Who are those whom Zakātul Fitr should be paid on? Freed/Manumitted Slave, Male and Female Muslim, Young and […]